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$3/lb hanging weight for whole animal

$3.50/lb hanging weight for half animal


Half of our animals are approximately 250-275 lbs hanging weight. The prices above does not include processing charges, which may vary depending on cuts. 

Please email to ask for availability. We typically utilize Dotti-Lou Packing Company for butchering but will deliver live animal to any butcher within an hour drive from Newark Valley. A different butcher is only available when purchasing a whole animal. 

It is the buyers responsibliity to communicate cut preferences to the butcher. Butcher fees are paid directly to the butcher at time of pickup. Payment for the live animal is separate.

Highland beef is leaner than most beef and just as tender and flavorful. Our cattle are grass-fed with organic minerals, no grain. They receive their natural diet, which produces a perfect product while keeping them healthy.

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