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Our Products:

Humanely raised and naturally fed, our mission is to provide quality products from appreciated and respected land and animals.

Highland Beef

$3/lb whole, $3.50/lb half, and $4/lb quarter at an average of 250lbs/half. This price does NOT include processing charges, which will vary depending on cuts. Highland beef is simply delicious - leaner than most beef and just as tender and flavorful! Our cattle are grass-fed with organic minerals, no grain. They recieve their natural diet, which produces a perfect product while keeping them healthy.

$3/lb whole and $3.50/lb half a pig at an average of 100lbs/half hanging weight. This price does NOT include processing charges, which vary depending on cuts. Review cut options from our butcher. You may use your own butcher when purchasing a whole animal. 

Maple Syrup

Gallon -        $50

Half Gallon - $30

Quart -          $18

Pint    -          $ 12

Real maple syrup from Prentice Hill Trees. Take a drive and enjoy a Vermont-like setting during sap season (usually February-March). 


$4.00/lb - Whole chickens at 5.5 - 6.5 lbs. Our chickens are fed quality grain and pasture. 

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