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Our Story:


In September 2011, Jeremy and Casey purchased their first home with twenty acres on Prentice Road. Both graduating from Newark Valley High School in 2005, we were very familiar with the area but never really noticed this beautiful dead-end road.

We started small with chickens, our first twelve buff orpingtons came to us on April 4th, 2012. We've ordered chicks every year since and now have around 50 laying hens, including some of the original twelve.


We bought our first highland in May 2013. Iggy Blue was a heifer at the time, but has now matured into a beautiful cow and a great momma. After doing some research and witnessing how mild-tempered and striking highland cattle are, we quickly increased our herd to twelve by Spring 2014. We continue to increase and improve our herd, including some experimental cross-breeding.

As we proceed in developing our farm and understanding the needs of our local consumers, the products available will likely vary. Visit our products page for the current available products and please provide suggestions or comments on products you would be interested in.






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